Resveratrol 500Mg, Ultra High Potency (60Vc) By Vital Nutrients

Resveratrol 500mg, Ultra High Potency (60 VC) by Vital Nutrients

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Resveratrol 500mg, Ultra High Potency by Vital Nutrients

Cardiovascular and cell health support
  • supports healthy blood vessels, platelets, and heart function
  • maintains natural cell growth
  • potent antioxidant activity

  • Resveratrol 500mg, Ultra High Potency is a polyphenolic compound that exists in nature as cis- and trans-isomers. Trans-resveratrol seems to be the primary active form. It is mostly found in red wine, red grape skins, purple grape juice, and mulberries. It is also in several botanicals and is especially high in Polygonum cuspidatum. Resveratrol is rapidly absorbed. Resveratrol promotes cardiovascular health and helps to support and maintain coronary blood vessels, heart function and healthy platelet function. It also helps to maintain healthy cyclooxygenase and lipoxygenase activity.* Resveratrol promotes cardio protection.* Resveratrol helps support and maintain natural cell growth and may act as an anti-aging agent to help increase lifespan.* Resveratrol has antioxidant activity. In some animal models it significantly reduces lipid peroxidation and promotes healthy organ function.*

    Recommended Dosage:
    1 capsule once or twice daily, or as directed by a healthcare practitioner.
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