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Strontium (citrate) 227mg (90 VC) by Vital Nutrients

Strontium (citrate) 227mg (90VC)
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Product Description:

Strontium (citrate) 227mg by Vital Nutrients

Bone support
  • supports healthy teeth and bones
  • promotes replication of preosteoblastic cells

  • Strontium (citrate) is an alkali earth metal, very similar in structure to Calcium, and has a similar effect in the body.* 99% of Strontium is located in the teeth and bones where it promotes replication of preosteoblastic cells, which maintain bone health.* Strontium is an excellent adjunct to other promoters of healthy teeth and bones.*

    Recommended Dosage:
    3 capsules daily, away from food or supplements containing minerals, or as directed by your healthcare practitioner. Absorption is best when taken separately from food & mineral supplements. Dose may have to be reduced in people with kidney impairment. An adequate daily intake of calcium (500-800mg) & Vitamin D (1200iu) is recommended while using this product.