Tsumo-Shin Spring Modulator With Magnets

Tsumo-Shin Spring Modulator with Magnets

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Tsumo-Shin Spring Modulator with Magnets

Most popular, adjustable pressure, spring activated cutaneous probe for treating or locating trigger points, acupoints, or ear points. 5" long modulator includes 3"x 0.4" dia grooved handle and 1.8" spring loaded probe with rounded tip (does not puncture skin). The other end features a powerful 2,000 gauss magnetic ball probe (4 mm dia) which may also be used for acu pressure and acumassage. The polarity may be easily changed from bio-north to bio-south pole by removing the ball probe and reversing the magnet's position. Includes five interchangeable, different strength springs: 100 gm = green, 150 gm = yellow, 200 gm = white, 250 gm = purple, 300 gm = red. White colored spring is supplied with unit in clear plastic box.
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