ProWhey Protein With Natural Vanilla Flavor (900G) 92%, New Zealand High By Vital Nutrients

ProWhey Protein With Natural Vanilla Flavor (900G) 92%, New Zealand High By Vital Nutrients

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ProWhey Powder 92%, New Zealand High Protein with Natural Vanilla Flavor by Vital Nutrients

  • free of the Recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone
  • contains no antibiotic residues
  • includes naturally occurring immunoglobulins, which support the immune system
  • delicious vanilla flavor without any sugar or artificial sweeteners

  • NEW ZEALAND HIGH PROTEIN WHEY POWDER 92% WITH NATURAL VANILLA FLAVOR is produced in New Zealand from milk provided by New Zealand dairy cows. The milk is harvested from cows that graze on pesticide and chemical-free natural grass pastures.

    This Whey Protein Isolate product meets The New Zealand Food Safety Authority (NZFSA) regulations that require all milk produced on New Zealand dairy farms meet the regulatory requirements. It has been tested for antibiotic residue by NZFSA laboratories. This product is free of Recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone (rBGH). Bovine Growth Hormone is not approved for use in New Zealand by order of the New Zealand Food Safety Authority (NZFSA).

    Vital Nutrients Whey Protein Isolate is minimally processed so that the proteins remain undenatured, soluble and have utmost physiologic activity and benefit.* Whey Pure Protein contains naturally occurring immunoglobulins.

    Immunoglobulins are powerful physiologic factors that help support and maintain a healthy immune response.*

    Recommended Dosage:
    1 heaping tablespoon 2-4 times daily in 8oz fluid (or soft food), or as directed by a healthcare practitioner.
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